Thoughts on Life

The fragility of life is something that is often taken for granted. I’m not going to spit out some cliche about how life is short, because in all honesty I don’t believe life is short. What I do believe, however, is that you never know how long or “short” your life will be.

Too often I spend my time assuming that tomorrow will be there for me, but I’m constantly being reminded how much that isn’t the case. All I want to say is love your family–especially your parents, love your friends, and most importantly (for me at least) love God.


Have fun. Live life.

Reason #1 Why I Hate Law School

Welcome to a recurring series of random one-offs about why I hate law school. The number I assign to each reason does not correspond to the level of hatred said reason causes for law school. Rather, I’ll just post these as they come to mind. If I’m feeling not-bitter enough, I start a “Why I Love Law School” series.

Reason #1 Why I Hate Law School: We debate why not being able to tell other people your address may or may not be a restriction on use of property and convince ourselves that this is strong, analytical, legal thinking when really it’s just a bunch of intellectual –redacted– to convince ourselves we’re smart lawyers.

Have fun. Live life.

What a Hot Summer Looks Like

I present to you a series of photos depicting my summer.

I had an office




Your 2011 NBA World Champions







Dallas at Night


Sunset on a man-made pond



I Just Don’t . . .

. . . care about Property. I especially don’t care about the history of the American Legal Tradition, and I definitely don’t care about fancy latin terms lawyers judges use to convince themselves, and others, they are more knowledgeable than the general public (they very well may be, but it’s not because they use latin terms which I’m sure less than 50% of them can actually pronounce).

They say that during 1L law school scares you to death, during 2L law school works you to death, and during 3L law school bores you to death. “Now concerning” the first year: mere exaggerations on the part of others. It was stressful, and difficult at times, but fear is for the weak (especially fear of an educational institution). This year…I’m already bored to death. Well, let me clarify. I decided made the mistake of taking Corporations during my 1L Spring semester, opting to take Property (a typical first year course) during my second year. It’s understandable why courses like Civil Procedure, Torts, Property, The Administrative State, Contracts, and Crim are required first year courses. Sure, they’re the “foundations of our American Legal System,” but they also are insanely boring and the only people who would actually pay attention are those few academic types who are genuinely interested in the nuances contained within these subject areas (umm…not me), and overly-stressed 1Ls who are lead to believe they should listen to, and copy down, every word the omniscient professor says during a two-hour class period.

I'm not this bored...


I’ll focus on the classes I like: Securities Regulations, Income Tax (lolwut) and my Corporate Law Theory Seminar. Much more relevant and practical (except for the seminar), and they tend to leave all that academic blah blah outside (again, except for the seminar).

Brittany, this is the closest I could come to saying that I hate law school.


Have Fun. Live Life.

40 Days of Triple-Digit Weather, and Other Stuff…

I write this with an understanding of the nature of the information contained in this post. I understand that many of my classmates are currently going through the stressful process of OCI and that thousands of other law students around the country are doing the same. With that said, please understand that I am in no way trying to gloat about what is happening in my life right now, I just want to share with non-LS friends what is happening with me, as numerous people have commented on the cessation of my blogging.

Hokay, here we go. My summer has been, in one word, amazing. The firm I worked with this summer is top-notch from the people who work there to the work we do. I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed the company of my co-workers a lot more than I ever thought I would. God has done some amazing things in my life and I’m completely grateful for everything. Best news, I just accepted my offer to return to work with this firm for the Summer of 2012. Looks like this is where I’ll be spending my 40 hour  (let’s be real) 65+ hour work weeks over the upcoming years. On a slightly related (but not really) note, it’s always funny when people ask me what type of legal work I want to do, mainly because it’s never as exciting as they expect it to be.

Surprisingly, I can’t wait to get back to New York so I can do some more exploring and actually enjoy the city this year. I have no Monday classes in either the fall or the spring (#biwinning), and I’ll hopefully have the resources to do more things around the city. I also miss my rooftop terrace at the apartment….

Cool View, eh?

I’m hoping my second year of law school will be much more enjoyable than the first. I’ll be taking classes I actually want to take (except for Federal Courts…what was I thinking?)  Two weeks until I leave the great State of Texas for the not-as-great State of New York. Catch me while you can.

Have fun. Live life.

Secretaries Save Lives

I don’t really have much to say despite the fact that I’ve been working at an amazing firm for three weeks. Once again affirming that I made the right choice. Also, LET’S GO MAVS!

I think the term “secretary” doesn’t do the position justice. Neither does “administrative assistant.” No, I think these fine people should be called “life savers.” How they are able to keep everything so organized, know your daily schedule better than you do, navigate the inner-workings of the office with ease is far beyond me. My life saver is to me what Dirk is to the Mavs. I can only imagine how much more helpful she would be if I were a junior associate…Props to them. Mad props.


I love my life, I love my job and I hate law school.

Have fun. Live life.


Musings From a SA Who Thinks He Knows All

My first week of work was amazing. That’s all I need to say about that, for fear of breaching my confidentiality agreement.

If anything, my summer position has made me loathe law school even more. I scoff (even more than I originally did) at the idea that law school actually teaches you the law. I don’t even know if law school teaches you how to think like a lawyer. Law school certainly doesn’t teach you how to write (effectively). Take a look at a brief written by your run-of-the-mill lawyer (or my blog, for that matter), and you’ll likely end up fighting the urge to vomit.

I’m not looking forward to going back to law school in August. Not because I hate it so much that I’ll be a depressed wreck for 8 months, but only because the entire time – as I go through EIW, as I (hopefully) edit articles for one of NYU’s many journals, as I attend weekly bar reviews, as I cram for finals at the end of the semester – I’ll only be thinking about one thing: all the experience and knowledge I gained (will gain) in just 10 weeks of summer employment with a firm I can see myself working with long term. Unfortunately, law school is one of the many things I’ll need to check off before I can jump into my career.

Who knows, maybe 2L will be more relevant, as I’ll have the opportunity to actually choose what classes I take. Maybe I’ll find a professor who ends up being an amazing mentor who provides me with invaluable academic and career advice. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Yeah, I know this post is very…negative. I’ll contrast it all by saying that I love where I am in life right now. God has been amazing and I’m very much happy to be back in Texas (the greatest state in the union).

Also, if you haven’t heard of BoyceAvenue, you’re doing it wrong.

Have fun. Live life.